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Spice Legends

Spice Legends, a London-based Spice Girls tribute band who bring the iconic spirit of girl power to life with their energising  performances.

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Welcome to Spice Legends, where we pay homage to the iconic Spice Girls! If you’re planning a party or event and want to infuse it with the spirit of the ’90s, look no further. Spice Legends is here to bring you a sensational tribute to the Spice Girls that will ignite your nostalgia and leave your guests dancing the night away. Our tribute band is devoted to delivering an authentic experience that will transport you back to the era of girl power, catchy tunes, and unforgettable moments. Let’s explore four compelling reasons why booking Spice Legends for your next event is an absolute must.

Spice Girls Tribute Band London

4 Reasons You Should Choose Spice Legends
For Your Next Party or Event

The Ultimate Spice Girls Tribute Band

Experience the ultimate nostalgia and re live the ’90s with Spice Legends – every performance will transports you back to a super iconic era.

A True Tribute to the Spice Girls

Spice Legends are a true tribute to the Spice Girls – they capture the spirit of the iconic girl group, delivering an authentic and nostalgic experience.

A Spice Dance Extravaganza

Spice Legends ignite the stage by blending their musical prowess with electrifying dance moves  in a tribute to GIRL POWER and the Spice Girls.

Customised Spice Girls Magic

Experience tailored Spice Girls magic for your wedding, party or event with our customised tribute performance – choose your favourite songs!

Your Spice Girls Nostalgia Fix!

Frequently Asked Questions

A Spice Girls tribute band is a group of performers who emulate the iconic British girl group, the Spice Girls, by recreating their music, style, and stage presence.

You can search online, consult entertainment agencies, or ask for recommendations from event planners to find a suitable tribute band.

Tribute bands can be booked for a wide range of events, including parties, weddings, festivals, corporate events, fundraisers, and themed nights.

Yes, Spice Legends can tailor their setlist to include specific Spice Girls songs that you’d like to hear at your event.

Performance durations vary, but they usually range from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your event’s requirements.

Yes, our spice girls tribute band is available for international bookings, but it’s essential to discuss logistics and travel arrangements with us.

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Experience the ultimate Spice Girls tribute with Spice Legends! Whether it’s a lively party, a wedding, a festival, or a corporate event, Spice Legends brings ’90s nostalgia and girl power to your occasion. Their spot-on performances, dazzling costumes, and infectious energy will transport you back to the iconic Spice Girls era. Secure your date now and let Spice Legends add a touch of musical magic to your event!

From 'Wannabe' to 'Spice Up Your Life':
Your Favourite Spice Girls Anthems, Reimagined by Spice Legends!