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Little Trix

Are you a true Little Mix enthusiast? Do you want to add a touch of pop glamour and excitement to your event? Look no further than Little Trix – the hottest Little Mix tribute band for hire in London and the UK!

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Little Trix is a tribute band that is following in the footsteps of the awardwinning Little Mix. They’re all about capturing the infectious energy, powerful vocals, and captivating dance moves that have made Little Mix a global sensation. Our talented performers bring the spirit of Little Mix to life, delivering a show that will have your audience singing woman like me, dancing, and feeling the pop sensation that is Little Mix.

4 Reasons You Should Choose Little Trix
For Your Next Party or Event


We pride ourselves on delivering an authentic Little Mix experience. From the harmonies to the choreography, we pay homage to every detail that makes Little Mix unique.

Sensational Performances

Our dynamic performances will leave your guests in awe. Get ready for an electrifying show that covers Little Mix’s biggest hits and leaves everyone wanting more.

Customisable Setlists

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, private party, wedding, or any special occasion, we can tailor our setlist to fit the mood and theme of your event.


With years of experience in the entertainment industry, we ensure a seamless booking process, punctuality, and a commitment to making your event a huge success.

Experience the Electrifying Magic of a Little Mix Tribute Band!

Little Mix Tribute Band

Ignite Your Celebration with Little Trix

Little Trix is a Little Mix tribute band that has taken the UK entertainment scene by storm. Comprising of talented performers who share an undeniable passion for music and performance, Little Trix captures the essence of Little Mix in a way that leaves audiences mesmerised and craving more. Whether you’re a die-hard Little Mix fan or simply someone who loves to dance and sing along to their chart-topping hits, Little Trix promises an unforgettable experience that will transport you into the world of your favourite girl group.

The Little Trix Experience

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When you attend a Little Trix performance, you’re not just getting a typical tribute act – you’re immersing yourself in a full-fledged tribute experience that pays homage to the powerhouse that is Little Mix. From the energetic choreography to the pitch-perfect harmonies, every detail is meticulously crafted to recreate the thrill and excitement of a Little Mix concert.

Why Hire Little Trix?

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What sets Little Trix apart is their versatility. While they deliver headline shows that rival the electrifying atmosphere of a Little Mix tour, they also cater to a range of special occasions. From weddings and birthdays to bat mitzvahs, corporate gatherings, and charity events, Little Trix is your go-to entertainment choice for ensuring a memorable and vibrant celebration. 

Unveiling Iconic Anthems

Salute” is a call to arms, an anthem that champions unity, empowerment, and resilience. The song’s military-inspired beat and fiercely confident lyrics make it a standout track in Little Mix’s discography. As Little Trix takes on “Salute,” they channel the song’s rebellious energy and fierce determination, creating an atmosphere that unites audiences in celebration of strength and solidarity. From the synchronized choreography to the powerhouse vocals, Little Trix’s rendition of “Salute” is a rallying cry that leaves no one untouched.

Power” is a triumphant anthem that celebrates strength, resilience, and unwavering self-assurance. Little Mix’s powerful vocals combined with a catchy melody make this track an instant crowd-pleaser. When Little Trix brings “Power” to life, they tap into the song’s bold essence, delivering a performance that captivates hearts and ignites the audience. The stage presence and vocal prowess of Little Trix come together to convey the message that true power comes from within, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in the room.

Wings” is not just a song; it’s a declaration of empowerment and unity. Little Mix’s breakout single encapsulates the band’s message of self-confidence and liberation, inspiring listeners to embrace their individuality and soar to new heights. When Little Trix takes the stage to perform “Wings,” they channel the same contagious energy that made the original track a global hit. Audiences find themselves uplifted by the powerful vocals and invigorating choreography, all while celebrating the spirit of self-love that “Wings” embodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Little Trix, and what do they do?

Little Trix is a sensational Little Mix tribute band that recreates the magic of the famous girl group’s performances. They are available for hire to add an electrifying touch to various events, including parties, concerts, club nights, and special occasions like birthdays, Christmas celebrations, and bat mitzvahs.

What sets Little Trix apart from other tribute acts?

Little Trix stands out due to their uncanny ability to capture the energy, vocals, and choreography that make Little Mix a global sensation. Their attention to detail and dedication to delivering an authentic experience set them apart from the rest.

Can I hire Little Trix for my child's birthday party?

Absolutely! Little Trix is an excellent choice to make your child’s birthday party a memorable and exciting event. They’ll bring the magic of Little Mix to the celebration, ensuring a fun-filled experience for all attendees.

Are they available for themed events like Christmas parties?

Yes, Little Trix is available for themed events, including Christmas parties. They can tailor their performance to match the theme and atmosphere of your event, adding a touch of festive cheer to your celebrations.


Can Little Trix perform at large-scale events and concerts?

Yes, Little Trix is equipped to perform at large-scale events and concerts, bringing the energy of a Little Mix tour to the stage. Their captivating presence and exceptional vocals make them an excellent choice for events of all sizes.

Are Little Trix available for international bookings?

While Little Trix primarily performs in the UK, they may consider international bookings depending on the logistics and scheduling. Feel free to reach out to them to discuss the possibilities and details for international events.

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Are you ready to take your event to the next level with the electrifying energy of Little Trix? Don’t miss out on the chance to witness this remarkable tribute band live in action. Whether you’re planning a milestone celebration, a corporate soirée, or a community event, Little Trix is the secret ingredient that will transform your occasion into a memory that lasts a lifetime.

From 'Wings' to 'Confetti':
Your Favorite Little Mix Anthems, Reimagined by a Little Trix!

a woman like me the tribute act
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In a world where the spirit of music unites people, Little Trix stands as a testament to the enduring impact of Little Mix. With their dedication, talent, and passion, this tribute band captures the essence of Little Mix and brings it to life on stages across the UK. Whether you’re dancing the night away at a headline show or commemorating a special occasion, Little Trix ensures that the magic of Little Mix is never far away. So, why wait? Book your Little Trix experience today and embark on a musical journey that will leave you singing, dancing, and celebrating the power of music!